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Naked Meats

As one of Tauranga’s most go-ahead butcheries, we are offering good old fashioned personal service, while also embracing the future of retailing.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Competitive prices


We started in 2015 buying beef and lamb from Sean and Lodie Brosnahan from the Sean and Jodie Farm WAIOTANE STATION east cost.

Sean believes in Biological Farming practices.

What I have noticed:

  • Darker colour to the meat
  • Leaner meat
  • The fat is denser more concentrated
  • The fat has a flavour from the past
  • It has a longer shelf life [quality of meat] its tender, rich in colour and flavour
  • The lamb hogget and beef all have similar properties
  • Bostock chicken from the Hawk’s bay has a 10 day shelf life which is 3 day longer than other brands

I believe it’s the quality of food not the quantity that counts depends on the size of the individual

The polio diet is being more widely accepted in the sports world with the all blacks using it finding player are faster learner stronger and have more endurance stamina 
I believe some of the ways we are preserving food is doing more harm than good.

Garth says Naked Meats is all about butchering the old way, and you won’t find meat that hasn’t been aged correctly or contains nasty additives. If you want to buy one steak or 10 you can do just that. And if you don't see exactly what you want, all you have to do is ask.

Garth Bostock

Garth Bostock has been involved in butchery since the age of 16.

Learning the ropes from farming through out business owner, and everything in-between.

With 10 years of travelling abroad through out Europe,Asia,Australia,England all to learn the finer gastronomical experiences from side

walk diners to 5 star restaurants, all to experience the healthy living a from many different nations.

Eating food the way it should be; with 32 years experience giving customers the best value and healthy living.

Duane Pearce

Duane Pearce became a butcher at 16.

Working in butcheries for several years in England and Australia.

Learning Butcher to sales managers from super markets to Smith Field markets one of the worlds largest markets.

With 7 years of travel throughout Europe,Asia,England,and Australia all for gastronomical experience.

With 24 years experience and learning a how to dry cure bacon from going back 8 generations doing dry cured meats dating back to approximately the 1800's and even further back to Italy.

Co-Owners Garth Bostock , Duane Pearce

Combined between the three owners with Duane Pearce and Garth Bostock.

Bostock Butcher have 56 years of butchery experience clean living is a must for all humanity.

It starts form the grazing land that they order from; with no poisonous pesticides that leaches into the ground that in-turns poisons the cattle through to your dinner plate.

We pride ourselves into not adding poisonous artificial additives and toxic nitrates and to no added water to and weight.


Wolfgang Thomas and Michael Clark  combined have 71 years experience.

Michael Clark has 27 years experience in small goods meats.

Wolfgang Thomas has 44 years experience in small goods meats.

Both are proud to say they have a vast experience in naturally preserving meats, salamis and sausages.

From production to your plate.

With over 5 centuries of traditional to keep the meat at its full flavor.

And keeping poisonous nitrates and toxic preservatives out of the meat.

Using natural spices and traditional curing, our salamis and small goods take the natural process for full flavor.

Both Wolfgang and Michael were hired specifically and invited to come to New Zealand for their skills in producing and manufacturing cured meats.


During 2015 sean and jodi Brosnahan of Waiotane station decided to start a natural organic cattle station.

The genetics to his Angus beef was bought over from Scotland in the 1860's , along with Lamb and Hogget.

To which are also supplied to Bostock by Stan.

Because Absolute Angus has become totally organic there are no longer toxic pesticides in the soil, so the cattle is heathier

therfore the meat you recive is of the highest possible organic qaulity.

Your organic meat has a deeper red colour because of the rich meat.

It now has a higher concentration of Omega 3.

It now has a naturally longer shelf life to conventional meats.

Also its fat content is more concentrated , denser and harder. 


Naked Meats

TE PUNA 3176
PH: 07 552 5586
FAX: 07 552 5584


We have been completely happy with the level of service and the quality of the meats bought from Bostock.

James, Tauranga

After trying out almost every butchery in the Tauranga region, we came across the newly opened Bostock Butchery in Te Puna. The quality of meat is exceptional and so is their personal service. They definetly know their meat and we will recommend them to all our friends.

Julie, Welcome Bay