Smoked Meats

Beef brisket is a go-to, and you can never go wrong with ribs. Pork shoulder is another meat that lends itself to smoking. If you want to smoke a steak, the bigger the cut, the better. You might also give us a call for some lesser-known cuts, just to see what happens. Who knows, you may fall in love with a new cut of meat.
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Know Your Ribs!

Naked Meats fans already know us for our meaty, super high quality St Louis Pork Spare Ribs as well as our Beef Short Spare Ribs but those new to the Naked Meats experience may not realise just how much goodness you are actually getting. That’s why we thought it was time to give you the low-down on ribs.
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Bone Broth Health Benefits

We love a good bone broth, like our Bacon Hock Soup! But did you know there are actually some incredible health benefits to drinking a good, homemade bone broth regularly? We cover the six top benefits here, as well as an easy bone broth recipe to get you started...
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Great Options for Sunday Roast

The humble Sunday Roast can be a truly great and memorable meal when slow cooked with love as a feast for the whole family.
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Choosing the right beef cuts for your casserole

A hearty beef casserole is definitely a family favourite in winter and epitomises our theme for the season which is all about slow cooked foods.  Enjoying an impressive 2-3hrs time of brewing and developing in the oven (or even longer in a slow cooker!), the casserole is clearly the leader in the slow food game.
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